Sakari,Dist.- Baloda Bazar, Chhattisgarh
Our education system goes beyond the bookish knowledge of the subjects. The approach helps in achieving not only just excellence in academics but also excellence at par with multitudinal aspects of school life. We wish to promote the multidimensional personality of all students. To achieve this purpose, we pursue a variety of activities, clubs and competitions.
DAV philosophy is that in the process of moulding our children, we not only accept the best that the western education has to offer but also integrate it with the basic values of our ancient cultural heritage. We have set a trend to harmonize the school ambience with the ‘hawan1 or Vajya’. The efforts are towards making Yajya1 an integral part so as to generate a pious and pure way of living.
By doing hawans, we rejuvenate the chastity of the atmosphere. The recitation of the ved mantras help us to recuperate from all the hurries and worries of life. Listening to the sermons of great yogis and purohits help us to grow into compassionate human beings. Thus, we realize the importance of a saying which goes like this: “Be nice to all human beings, you are still one of them.”
Reading together is an activity when for a few minutes every year, all the school activities in the school campus come to a halt as everybody is absorbed in silent reading. This is done to inculcate a reading culture not only among the students but also in teaching and non-teaching fraternity; even the visitors are provided with reading material. To inculcate reading habit, book fair, reading quiz and many other Library related competitions are held.
Kids Activities-
- Ramleela Skit on Dussehra
- Fancy Dress Activity
- Painting Activity on Ganesh Chaturthi
- Christmas Celebration 
- Different Shapes Activity
- Picnic for Tiny-Tots
- Recycling Activity
- Cards Making Activity on Mother's Day
- English Story Dramatization Activity      
- Fancy Dress Competition
- Diya Making Activity
- Rakhi Making Activity
Sports Activities-
- Bollyball
- Cricket 
- Hockey
- Bedminton
- Basketball
- Khokho
AND Many More Activities time to time.... 

Sakari,Dist.- Baloda Bazar, Chhattisgarh
(A Co-Educational English Medium,
Senior Secondary Public School,
Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.)
(Managed By DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi.)